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Emotional Spiritual Quotient (ESQ) is a combination of EQ and SQ , the merger between emotional intelligence and spiritual control. The benefits that can be achieved it is a balance between horizontal relationship (human to human) and Vertical (man and God). Emotional Spiritual Quotient (ESQ) is the ability to synergize IQ, EQ and SQ. Emotional Spiritual Quotient (ESQ) can make someone to interpret his life as worship to the God, He is integrative thinking by understanding the overall living conditions. A person who has the ability Emotional Spiritual Quotient (ESQ) tall would think from within, not from the outside and not be affected by interference from outside.

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Under Mr. Michelin’s leadership, which ended when he left the company in 2002, the Michelin Group became the world’s biggest tire maker, establishing a big presence in the United States and other major markets overseas.

François Michelin, Head of Tire Company, Dies at 88

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